Fu Ni the giant panda is treated to specially prepared panda treats for her birthday at the Adelaide Zoo on August 23, 2015 in Adelaide, Australia.
Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty

The cutest animal videos of 2015 because life is difficult

From regularly occurring mass shootings to Donald Trump’s call to temporarily ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the United States, this year has felt particularly disheartening in many respects.

When dark days get us down, we like to take a moment to remember that there’s still good in this world — and oftentimes it comes in the form of a furry friend.

Here are our favorite cute animal videos from 2015. Because, you know what? Baby pandas.

11/11/15, 10:09 PM ET

Baby panda Bei Bei takes first wobbly steps

It was cause for celebration at the Smithsonian National Zoo on Monday, as the baby panda Bei Bei took his very first steps.

12/3/15, 2:07 PM ET

Panda twins celebrate 1st birthday with a delicious ice cake

A pair of panda twins named Ouhin and Touhin celebrated their 1st birthday with a tasty ice cake at a theme park in Japan on Thursday.

10/23/15, 3:28 PM ET

Baby giraffe makes spirited debut at LA zoo

Standing at nearly 6 feet tall, a baby Masai giraffe made his public debut at Los Angeles Zoo on Thursday, where he could be seen frolicking and hanging out with his mom.

10/21/15, 7:09 PM ET

Adorable woolly monkey born in Brazilian zoo

An adorable newborn brown woolly monkey made its on-camera debut this week at a zoo in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Brown woolly monkeys are classified as “vulnerable” species.

11/12/15, 4:04 PM ET

Bulldog skateboards into the record books

Watch as a talented bulldog named Otto breaks a Guinness World Record for skateboarding through the longest “human tunnel” in Lima, Peru.

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The cutest animal videos of 2015 because life is difficult