Posters supporting politician Ted Cruz are displayed in Los Angeles, California on July 26, 2015.
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Ted Cruz sports bad boy look as ‘Iran’s worst nightmare’


Has a 2016 GOP candidate finally managed to upstage front-runner Donald Trump?

Sen. Ted Cruz joined Trump, Sarah Palin and others in Washington D.C., Wednesday to denounce President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, but it’s Cruz’s new campaign image that’s grabbing attention on social media.

His fundraising page shows an image of Cruz that looks like something from the set of “Sons of Anarchy” instead of his traditional khaki and oxford look. It’s Cruz’s head superimposed onto a shirtlesstattooed body, completer with a huge bald eagle on his chest. “Cruz” is written in bold across his stomach and bracketed by two six-shooters. He’s got an American flag on his left arm, what appears to be Winston Churchill on his right and a giant rose on his neck.

Oh, and in what feels like a callback to the Herman Cain 2012 campaign, Cruz has a cigarette in his mouth.

The poster reads: “Iran’s worst nightmare.” 

Top that, Mr. Trump.

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Ted Cruz sports bad boy look as 'Iran's worst nightmare'