Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and his Vice Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina before a taping of Fox News Channel's The Sean Hannity Show at the Indiana War Memorial, April 29, 2016. 
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Ted Cruz responds to Caitlyn Jenner’s bathroom break

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responded to reality TV star and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner and doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump and others who have come out against so-called “bathroom bills” like the one passed in North Carolina last month.

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Cruz claimed President Barack Obama, former Sec. Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump want to pass a law “that says any adult man can go into a girl’s restroom if he feels like a woman at that minute.”

He continued, “The real danger is not people who are transgendered. It’s people who are predators.”

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During a recent appearance on “The Today Show,” Trump was asked about the controversial legislation and said Jenner could use any bathroom she wanted at Trump Tower. Cruz swiftly criticized Trump for his comments.

Jenner then took Trump up on his offer, posting a video to Facebook where she walks out of the restroom at a Trump property. Referencing Sen. Cruz, she says, “By the way Ted, nobody got molested.”

The direct challenge from Jenner did not cause Cruz to back away from his position. “People who are predators … use that law as an excuse to go target our kids. And that is a real danger,” he said.

Calling this a “common sense” issue, Cruz said, “I’m the dad of two little girls. It doesn’t make any sense to allow grown adult men, strangers, to be alone in a bathroom with a little girl, and virtually all Americans understand that. And it is only the height of political correctness that refuses to acknowledge that.”

The Texas senator further criticized Trump for coming out against the bathroom law. “Donald is playing a role and pretending to be something he’s not. I’ve been the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow,” he said. 

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