Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz greets a supporter after speaking at the California GOP convention in Burlingame, Calif., April 30, 2016. 
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Ted Cruz refuses to say he won’t support Trump

Despite his relentless attacks against the Republican front-runner, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, refused to say he will not support Donald Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Cruz was asked multiple times if his opposition to Trump meant he could not support him in a general election, yet each time, he declined to answer.

“What I’m going to do is beat him,” Cruz asserted.

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According to the Texas senator, the stakes of this election couldn’t be higher. “If we lose this, we lose our country. We lose the Supreme Court for a generation, religious liberty is taken away, our kids are bankrupted,” he said.

Yet in spite of these high stakes, Cruz would not commit to coming out against Trump, who he believes will lose to Hillary Clinton in the general election if he ends up with the GOP nomination.

Cruz balked at the suggestion he should even be taking a position, “I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump.”

With the Indiana primary just days away, Cruz trails Trump 15 points in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll.


While stressing the importance of the upcoming primary in Indiana, Cruz said confidently, “I am going to beat Donald Trump. We are headed to a contested convention, and we’re gonna win, and I’m not willing to concede this country.”

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Ted Cruz refuses to say he won't support Trump