Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to a small crowd a day before voters go to the polls on Feb. 8, 2016 in Salem, N.H.
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Tales from the trail: Freezing for Trump


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Freezing from the kitchen

LONDONDERRY, N.H. — On the day before the New Hampshire primary, I spent three hours in the Londonderry Lion’s Club kitchen with eight other national network reporters.

The room was cold. My ever-official Snapchat thermometer filter read 20 degrees, though we all hoped that was the read of what was outside instead of in our temporary kitchen holding area. From our long, plastic table set up in the kitchen’s main walkway, we could see snow coming down quickly outside.

Right below the window was a stove, which at one point we contemplated turning on and keeping open to warm up the area. (We didn’t.) Instead we stood, down-coats zipped and scarves on, as we hunkered down to see Trump.

We watched him through the kitchenette window, craning our necks at times to make sure we saw him work the square space that was his designated speaking zone for the day. This was a new format for him. Less than two hundred people, all seated, while Trump walked around a wooden stool, black winter coat on but unbuttoned and microphone in hand. A true town hall with little of the usual Trumpian flair.

And from my view in the kitchen, it worked.

– Ali Vitali covering the Trump campaign

Jeb Bush takes out his snowy revenge on media

NASHUA, N.H. – Despite the contentious and ultra-close primary battle being waged in this state, Jeb Bush still managed to have some fun ahead of an event here Monday.

In what was perhaps a cathartic act, Bush used the freshly fallen snow to get a few shots in at the media.

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On the ground with the New Hampshire primary
Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was the projected winner in the New Hampshire primary, the nation’s first of the 2016 presidential race, on Tuesday,

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush

Tales from the trail: Freezing for Trump