Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, speaks with the media after a meeting of the House Republican caucus in the Capitol to discuss an immigration bill, Aug. 1, 2014.
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GOP Congressman Steve King threatens “I word” if Obama acts alone


Despite House Speaker John Boehner recently insisting that there are “no plans” to impeach President Obama and Sen. John McCain pouring some cold water on the frenzy, Rep. Steve King [R-IA] on Sunday kept the impeachment chatter alive, saying ”Congress needs to sit down and have a serious look at the constitution and that includes that ‘I word’ that we don’t want to say.”

The Republican congressman was responding to Obama’s Friday comments on immigration, in which he said he would “act alone” and use his executive authority to defer the deportation of the hundreds of thousands of immigrant children.

“I think, then, we have to sit down and take a look at that. Where would we draw the line otherwise?” King said. ”If that’s not enough to bring that about, then I don’t know what would be.”

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Senior Advisor to the president Dan Pfeiffer on Sunday said that the president is left with no choice but to act alone while Congress is on a five-week recess.

‘Whatever he does, it will not be a substitute for comprehensive immigration reform – Congress will still need to act,” Pfieffer said on ABC’s “This Week.”

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However, “the president has no choice but to act,” Pfeiffer told George Stephonopoulos, adding that his next move will come this summer after conferring with Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

On the possibility of the “I word,” Pfeiffer said ”it’d be foolish to discount the possibility” of impeachment from this Republican Congress. “Five days before the government shutdown, the speaker said there’s no way we’d shut the government down over health care and lo and behold we did.”

“In the House of Representatives, John Boehner may have the gavel, but Ted Cruz has the power,” he said.

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GOP Congressman Steve King threatens “I word” if Obama acts alone