Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson on August 15, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
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St. Louis police take over security detail of Ferguson protests


A dearth of resources has led to a power shift in Ferguson, Missouri.

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MSNBC’s Trymaine Lee reports on his exclusive interview with Devin James, the fired Ferguson PR operative, about how James became Ferguson’s representative and his very dramatic life story.
Beginning Friday and until further notice, the St. Louis County Police Department will take over control from the Ferguson P.D. for security detail related to ongoing protests in the city in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death, the county said in a release issued late Friday. Additionally, the St. Louis County Police Department’s media relations staff will assume responsibility for relaying all pertinent information to the press.

A lack of resources and manpower were the main driving force in [Ferguson Police] Chief [Thomas] Jackson’s request,” the release stated.

Among the St. Louis County Police Department’s new responsibilities are authorizing arrests, booking prisoners and filing charges against those arrested.

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The shooting death of unarmed, black teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a white Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9 has sparked continued unrest in the St. Louis suburb. And earlier this month, the man hired by the city of Ferguson to improve its image in the aftermath of Brown’s death lost his job when news surfaced that was convicted of reckless homicide in 2006.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the St. Louis Municipal Court canceled 222,000 arrest warrants for traffic offenses after Brown’s death exposed systemic disparities in local law enforcement. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the city of Ferguson had canceled 22,000 arrest warrants earlier this week. In fact, the St. Louis Municipal Court canceled the warrants.

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St. Louis police take over security detail of Ferguson protests