Spike Lee: At this rate, Romney campaign will ‘call up Willie Horton’s brother’


Following the Romney campaign’s attack on President Obama’s welfare policy, legendary filmmaker Spike said that Romney’s campaign is on the verge of “call[ing] up Willie Horton’s brother.” Horton is a convicted murderer who became the subject of an infamous, racially-charged ad during the 1988 presidential campaign.  

“It’s going to be tight, because the other guy is going to pull all types of tactics,” said Lee, said on Tuesday’s PoliticsNation, when host Al Sharpton asked what he thought of Obama’s reelection chances. “When you start using code words like ‘welfare’—next you’re going to call up Willie Horton’s brother.” When people get desperate, they’re going to do anything they can to win, Lee said.

Though the Romney campaign is now accusing Obama of loosening welfare requirements, the Boston Globe reports that ”neither Obama nor Romney has sought to ease work requirements on welfare recipients.”

Lee also talked about his new film, Red Hook Summer, which opens in New York City on Friday. “Red Hook Summer’s what I call my ongoing chronicles of Brooklyn, New York,” he said. Of the borough, where Lee was raised, he said, “there’s no other place like it in the world.”

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Spike Lee: At this rate, Romney campaign will 'call up Willie Horton's brother'