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Social conservatives cheer John Boehner resignation

News of House Speaker John Boehner’s forthcoming resignation was met with raucous applause at a gathering of social conservatives in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

“Just a few minutes ago, Speaker Boehner announced that he will be resigning,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said to prolonged applause at the Values Voters summit.

“It’s not about him or anybody else, and I’m not here today to bash anyone,” Rubio added. “But the time has come to turn the page, the time has come to turn the page and allow a new generation of leadership in this country.”

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The summit, sponsored by the Family Research Council, draws some of the country’s most socially conservative political activists. The group has been critical of the Ohio Republican for not more forcefully fighting Democrats and the Obama administration on issues like Obamacare and immigration.

“Yesterday John Boehner was speaker of the House, you all come to town and somehow that changes,” said Texas senator and 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz. “My only request is can you come more often?”

Eight GOP presidential candidates will speak to the group over two days, underscoring the important role conservative activists play in early voting states like Iowa and South Carolina.

Jeb Bush, whose views on immigration and common core have put him at odds with conservative Republicans, tweeted his thanks to Boehner.

This article originally appeared on NBC News.com.

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Social conservatives cheer John Boehner resignation