An Olympic volunteer takes pictures of people as they pose under the Olympic rings in Sochi, Jan. 30, 2014.
Phil Noble/Reuters

Sochi Latest: Russian LGBT advocates


RUSSIAN LGBT ADVOCATES: While most people now look with anticipation toward Feb. 7, the date of the Games’ opening ceremony, activists are far more focused on Feb. 23, the day they end. Read more

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OBAMA: OLYMPICS ARE SAFE: In an interview with CNN, Obama expressed confidence that Russian security can protect everyone involved with and attending the Olympics. Read more

FOLLOWING HER FATHER’S LEGACY: Alex Carpenter followed the footsteps of her standout NHL father onto the ice, and can one-up him by going to Sochi and earning a medal. Read more

TEACHER ON OLYMPIC CURLING TEAM’S SENDOFF: U.S. curler and teacher Jeff Isaacson got an unforgettable farewell from his students. Read more


Sochi Latest: Russian LGBT advocates