Antti-Jussi Kemppainen of Finland competes in the Freestyle Skiing Men's Ski Halfpipe Finals on day eleven of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
Adam Pretty/Getty

Sochi Latest: Congrats on the medal—now back to work


POST-OLYMPIC CAREERS: Most Olympians, even the very good ones, have soaring career arcs that take off and flash out almost a the same time. These are the stories of Olympians post-Olympics: The superstar who goes on to a life of promoting him/herself and their sport; the middle-level athletes who must strike out on their own after years spend playing a sport rather than building a career, and the competitor in a lesser sport like curling who never quit his regular job in the first place. Read more

WHAT’S THAT GOLD MEDAL WORTH? HINT: FORGET THE GOLD: For the few world experts able to set an Olympic medal’s market value, the metal in the medal is an afterthought. Read more

DUTCH SPEED SKATING SUCCESS: The flying Dutchmen all made it look so easy. Propelled by legs as thick as tree trunks, they turned speed skating’s longest and most grueling event into a bright orange procession. Read more

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