Joint bronze medalist Bode Miller of the United States celebrates on the podium, Feb. 16, 2014.
Quinn Rooney/Getty

Sochi Latest: Bode Miller’s legacy


UPON EXIT FROM OLYMPIC STAGE, BODE MILLER REMAINS CONTROVERSIAL FIGURE: Bode Miller is at once one of the most accomplished and one of the most complex figures ever to make his way across the American and international sports landscape.  As his final games draw to a close, what legacy does he leave? Read more

WHAT BANKERS AND OLYMPIC CURLERS HAVE IN COMMON: The business of the Olympics: Winning on Wall Street means staying focused, coordinating the moving parts of small teams, countering rivals who are trying to edge you out of the money, and setting yourself up for the best chance to close the deal. That also happens to be what it takes to win in Olympic curling. Read more

DUTCH SPEDSKATING COACH: US FOOTBALL “SUCKS”: The Netherlands’ speedskating coach scoffed at the controversy surrounding the American speedskating team’s weak performance and their Under Armour skating suits, telling CNBC that the overall American sports system is to blame for the U.S. skaters’ dismal performance. Read more

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Sochi Latest: Bode Miller's legacy