Shrum: Mitt Romney just endorsed ‘the central idea of the Affordable Care Act’


Earlier today, Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul appeared on national television to offer an interesting response to a Priorities USA attack ad that features an Indiana man whose wife died of cancer a few years after Romney’s Bain Capital shut down his workplace, costing his family its health insurance plan.

“If people had been in Massachusetts, under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care,” said Saul, appearing to back the idea of bringing Romney’s health care plan nationwide. The Massachusetts law, of course, was a model for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which Romney has vowed to repeal.

That set off an outcry among conservatives. Rush Limbaugh and RedState’s Eric Erickson were among numerous right-wingers to slam the Romney camp for praising the Massachusetts law. Erickson called Saul’s comment “the moment Mitt Romney lost the election.”

And the discussion on Hardball Wednesday offered a picture of just why those conservatives are so worried.


“Today they endorsed, in essence, the central idea of the Affordable Care Act,” said Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.

“This thing is gonna come back and kill him in the debates,” added New York magazine’s John Heilemann.

During the GOP primaries, Romney repudiated his law, saying it was right for his state but not for the country.

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Shrum: Mitt Romney just endorsed 'the central idea of the Affordable Care Act'