Shrum: GOP is ‘rooting for a recession’


In the wake of May’s dismal jobs report, Democratic strategist Bob Shrum accused Republicans of “rooting for a recession” on msnbc’s Jansing & Co. Tuesday—triggering an outraged response from his GOP counterpart. 

Echoing comments made by Rep. George Miller, a California Democrat, on PoliticsNation Monday, Shrum said Republicans are deliberately preventing new jobs from being created in order to hurt the president politically. “Romney and the Republicans rooted for a downturn,” Shrum charged.

“The president has moved the economy—he hasn’t moved it as far or as fast as he wants in part because as Mitch McConnell said the whole Republican strategy was to prevent him from being re-elected,” Shrum continued. “And if that means an extra two million or three million of five million Americans are going to be unemployed—Republicans are willing to pay the price.”

That didn’t sit well with Republican strategist David Winston. 

“Now, that’s absolutely an absurd statement,” Winston countered, arguing that Democrats have ignored 30 jobs bills proposed by Senate Republicans. President Obama, said Winston, has done “nothing to turn this economy around.”

Republicans, Winston added, are “not for unemployment.”

Shrum wouldn’t back down though, reiterating his view that Republicans are “rooting for a recession.”

Watch the heated exchange:


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Shrum: GOP is 'rooting for a recession'