Shooting suspect Robert Lewis Dear, 57, attends his hearing to face 179 counts of various criminal charges at an El Paso County court in Colorado Springs, Colo., Dec. 9, 2015.
Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post/Pool/Reuters

Shooter at Planned Parenthood makes outbursts during court hearing

Robert Lewis Dear, who authorities say killed three people in a shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic in late November, made several outbursts in a court hearing today that suggested he was motivated by an opposition to abortion.

“I’m guilty,” he said in court Wednesday, according to NBC News’ Vicki Collins. “There’s no trial. I am a warrior for the babies.”

Dear also appeared to refer to the death toll from the shooting when he said “Can you add the babies that were supposed to be aborted that day? Can you add that to the list?” and “You’ll never know I saw in that clinic. Atrocities. That’s what I saw. The babies.” 

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The shooter’s ex-wife has said that Dear previously vandalized a Planned Parenthood clinic, and an unnamed associate told The New York Times that he had praised the Army of God, a group that calls for the murder of abortion providers and supports those convicted of doing so. 

Law enforcement sources had previously told NBC News that Dear made a comment about “no more baby parts,” an apparent reference to secretly recorded videos accusing Planned Parenthood of trafficking in fetal tissue, which it vehemently denies. 

There have been 179 charges filed against Dear.