Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., during a news conference, Nov. 14, 2013, in Washington D.C.
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Exclusive: Sen. Claire McCaskill takes your questions


In the ongoing debate on Capitol Hill about sexual assault cases in the military, Sen. Claire McCaskill argues for keeping prosecutions of these cases within the chain of military command. 

“We’re gonna create a culture within the command that if you do not support these victims, or if retaliation occurs, you’re going to be relieved of your command and you can be prosecuted for the retaliation,” the Missouri Democrat told Hardball’s Chris Matthews,  

Hardball with Chris Matthews, 6/12/13, 6:24 PM ET

Sexual assault in the military: who should be reporting,…

Chris Matthews talks with Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., and former congressman Patrick Murphy discuss the debate on the Hill about taking military sexual assault prosecution out of the chain of command.

A panel dedicated to investigating the role of commanders in cases of sexual assault in the military has recommended these cases remain within the chain of command. Read more from Meredith Clark’s recent report on the subcommitee’s findings.

Sen. McCaskill wants to answer your questions about sexual assault in the military and her stance on the best approach to curbing the issue.

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Hardball with Chris Matthews, 6/4/13, 6:13 PM ET

McCaskill: You don’t confront sexual assault in the military…

Chris Matthews talks with Sen. Claire McCaskill about the Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing on Tuesday about sexual assault in the military.

Watch McCaskill’s recent appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports:

Andrea Mitchell Reports, 1/28/14, 2:17 PM ET

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With more Americans worried about the future of our state, what can Obama do to boost spirits and unite the country? Sen. Claire McCaskill discusses.

Claire McCaskill

Exclusive: Sen. Claire McCaskill takes your questions