Ryan’s super power: Raising cash from big-ticket donors


Paul Ryan may have his drawbacks as a running mate, but he brings at least one indisputable asset to the Romney campaign: His ability to raise astounding sums of money from major right-wing donors.

“Paul Ryan’s ideas are so popular with Republican big-ticket donors,” said Citizen Jane Politics editor Patricia Murphy on Tuesday’s PoliticsNation. Indeed, Ryan’s first fundraiser as vice presidential candidate will be a private “finance meeting” with casino mogul and major Republican super PAC donor Sheldon Adelson.

Ryan has also been a longtime campaign cash recipient from another Republican fundraising powerhouse, the Koch Brothers. He’s pulled in $65,500 from them over the course of his congressional career. In addition, “energy- and natural resources-related related contributors have given Ryan a total of $432, 181 during his career, including $244, 250 from the oil and gas industries,” writes Politico.

Ryan’s appeal to billionaire donors “is going to be a huge piece of the Republican strategy going forward,” said Murphy.

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Ryan's super power: Raising cash from big-ticket donors