RNC seizes on Obama’s ‘smirking’ debate-night reactions


Mitt Romney’s debate one-liners weren’t exactly zingers, but the RNC is out to make them sing.

The Republican National Committee released a highlight reel of Romney’s performance at the presidential debate on Wednesday, showing the GOP candidate lancing the president. The video’s split screen matches the candidates’ head-to-head, keying in on how President Obama’s facial expressions and mannerisms slowly sink—at points casting the president as smug. The video is entitled “Smirk.”

The president’s smirk lingers in the early editing of the RNC’s video while giving animated reactions to Romney’s description of toils for the middle class. 

“My view is we’ve got to provide tax relief to people in the middle class,” Romney says in the ad to a split screen of the president nodding. “The people who are having a hard time right now are middle income Americans.”

The RNC goes on to seize the wide consensus that Romney won the style competition of the night against a president known for his oratory skills. In the video, as Romney continues to harp on his newfound populist message by harping on high gas prices and lowered incomes, the screen pans to Obama’s reaction. The smirk is gone and he’s now looking down at the endless notes he’s taking.

Obama’s smirk reemerges only for the reference of the “death panel,” a GOP talking point that Romney dredged up and wouldn’t let die down during the debate. As the crescendo builds, Romney is left saying simply, “It’s time for a new path.”


RNC seizes on Obama's 'smirking' debate-night reactions