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Rich Americans got a lot richer last year

The rich are getting richer in America.

Some 134 Americans raked in more than $50 million last year, according to data released Tuesday by the Social Security Administration. The total rose about 20 percent from 110 in 2013.

The number of Americans making between $20 million and $50 million also jumped, hitting 776 in 2014. That marked an increase from 565 in the previous year. 

The rise comes as some policymakers continue to criticize a perceived income disparity between middle class and wealthy Americans. President Barack Obama has been outspoken on income inequality during his time in office, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has made reducing the wealth gap a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. 

The 134 people above the $50 million threshold took in an average of more than $86 million. The mark was lower than 2013, when the group averaged more than $111 million.

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Income Inequality

Rich Americans got a lot richer last year