Rep. Charlie Rangel: GOP wants to ‘embarrass President Obama’


New York Congressman Charlie Rangel accused his Republican colleagues of blocking tax cuts for 98% of Americans simply because they want to embarrass the president.

“The Republicans have made up their mind they are not going to do anything, no matter how logical or how much sense it makes, that’s going to make the president look good in the political light,” he said during an appearance on msnbc’s Jansing & Co. Tuesday. “They said this three and half years ago, but I never thought that a bill that would continue, for 98% of the American people, a fair tax cut that they would hold them hostage in order to fulfill their goal to defeat the president. It doesn’t make sense.”

Monday President Obama called on Congress—again—to extend a Bush-era tax cut for those American families making less than $250,000 a year, which represents 98% of the American public. Republicans pounced on the suggestion, arguing it would hurt businesses and further drag down a stalled economy. GOP members have generally said they are for the extension of all the Bush tax cuts, including those for the wealthiest Americans.

“They don’t care about the logic. They want to embarrass President Obama,” Rangel continued. “To hold these people hostage is wrong.”

Representative Rangel recently won the Democratic primary in his New York City district after a recount stalled the 82-year-old’s victory. He is running for his 22nd term in office.

Rep. Charlie Rangel: GOP wants to 'embarrass President Obama'