Hunter Biden, left, kisses his nephew Hunter, son of Beau Biden, as they stand with Beau's widow Hallie, Vice President Joe Biden, and Beau's daughter Natalie before his funeral, on June 6, 2015, at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del.
Photo by Patrick Semansky/AP

Remembering ‘the sheriff’: 4 moving moments from Beau Biden’s memorial


On Saturday, June 6, thousands of mourners gathered to celebrate the “selfless” life of Vice President Joe Biden’s oldest son Beau Biden, an Iraq war veteran and the former Attorney General of Delaware, at the St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic church in Wilmington, Delaware.

Take a look at the most moving moments from each eulogy for Biden delivered by General Ray Odierno, President Barack Obama and his siblings Ashley and Hunter Biden. 

1. General Ray Odierno on Beau Biden’s service in the Delaware National Guard

“He cared deeply for his fellow human beings and always treated everyone with dignity and respect. Beau Biden’s character was genuine. He had a natural charisma that few people posses. People willingly wanted to follow him, completely trusted his judgement, and believed in him. Frankly, he was selfless to a fault. Always subordinating his personal needs to the welfare of everyone else to include the soldiers, the unit, and everyone around him.”

General Odierno posthumously awarded Biden with the Legion of Merit for “his life time of service as a solider, an advocate, an American patriot.”

2. President Obama on the “example” Biden set for everyone

“The world noticed. They noticed. They felt it – his presence. And Beau lives on in the lives of others. And isn’t that the whole point of our time here – to make this country we love fairer and more just? Not just for Natalie and Hunter and Naomi, or Finnegan … Malia or Sasha … but for every child. Isn’t that what this amazing journey we’ve been on is all about? To make life better for the next generation. Beau figured that out so early in life. What an inheritance Beau left us. What an example he set.”

3. Ashley Biden remembered her “anchor” 

He was the constant anchor for me, my brothers, our father and our mother. He was our protector, our mediator, the captain of our lives. He was my first love and what a beautiful example of love he provided … Beau loved life and never complained … We will see you everywhere we go in the beauty of nature, in the smile from strangers, and in your beautiful children who we will take care of like you took care of all of us.“ 

4. Hunter Biden on “the one who was always there when you needed it most” also known as “the sheriff”

“The one who always made you feel safe. The one who always made you feel braver than you might have been. The one you could always count on for a special kindness. The one who listened. The one who was always there when you needed him most. The one who gave you credit for the things he did. He was our leader and he never asked to lead. He was our leader who never judge[d], only inspired us by his example. He was clarity … a clarity you could float in. A clarity that was contagious … He was clarity, not just for his family but anyone he called friend … and those friends can attest to the multitude of times Beau came to their aid without being asked, that’s why when we were kids, we called him ‘the sheriff.’

Family and friends mourn the death of Beau Biden
Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, died Saturday at the age of 46.