Rattner trashes Romney’s record on jobs and as Massachusetts governor


Steve Rattner, the former ‘car czar’ for President Obama and a Wall Street veteran, dismissed Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts as simply “average” and hammered his campaign’s touting of the Republican candidate’s job creation record.

“When you sum up Mitt Romney’s career as a governor, it was a kind of mediocre, kind of average kind of career—nothing that’s earth-shaking, nothing that would get him elected president, except of course for having invented Romneycare,” Rattner said Tuesday during Morning Joe where he regularly appears as a guest.

Rattner praised a new Obama re-election ad that accuses Romney of an abysmal record as governor. The ad says Massachusetts placed 47th in job creation and first in debt during Romney’s tenure. “I think it’s very effective,” Rattner said.

In the past, Rattner has found himself aligned with the Romney campaign after critiquing the president’s re-election campaign on its continued attacks on the former governor’s time as head of Bain Capital. In recent weeks, though, Rattner seems to have gotten back onto the Obama campaign’s talking points.

He noted that while “Romney who claimed to have created 100,000 jobs while at Bain…hasn’t been able to document it and there’s no evidence he could.”

Mitt Romney

Rattner trashes Romney's record on jobs and as Massachusetts governor