Children throw 'snowballs' after a rare hailstorm hit the sands in Huntington Beach, Calif. on March 2, 2015.
Photo by Eugene Garcia/EPA

Rare hailstorm turns sunny California into a winter wonderland


Sunny Southern California got a snowy surprise on Monday, when a fast-moving thunderstorm dropped a full inch of hail on Huntington Beach and Long Beach in Orange County. That’s “a significant amount of hail,” according to NBC Meteorologist Domenica Davis.

A few intrepid Instagram photographers were on the scene to capture the icy action.

1. This miniature snowman is as surprised as you are.

Let it snow! #huntingtonbeach #snow #hb #cali

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2. Monday’s forecast for Huntington Beach, California includes rain overnight with temperatures dropping into the 50s – still warm enough to melt even the hardiest hail. So long, snow-friend. 

Snow Day. On the beach.

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3. This young man looks excited to see Southern California finally getting a taste of the frosty weather plaguing the rest of the United States. Justice!

Snow in Huntington Beach!! Looks like Dallas weather followed me back home

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4. A child wanders off into the wintry wasteland that is now Orange County.

Weird day at the beach today! #huntingtonbeach #hail #snow #storm

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5. “Is this real life??”

Is this real life?? #huntingtonbeach #snow #orangecounty

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Rare hailstorm turns sunny California into a winter wonderland