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Rachel Maddow: Romney a ‘soulless shape-shifter’ on foreign policy


After a debate where Mitt Romney spent much of the 90 minutes seemingly agreeing with President Obama, msnbc host Rachel Maddow slammed the Republican candidate for his “soulless shape-shifting” on foreign policy.

During Monday’s debate, Romney committed to 2014 as the unconditional withdrawal date from Afghanistan, a position he had previously argued against. Maddow noted that this switch in positions is what “infuriates” her, because it is significantly more serious than “changing your mind about policy on light rail.”

“It’s a character issue and I find it disqualifying,” she said. “We’re going to find out if soulless shape-shifting has its costs.”

Fellow msnbc host Ed Schultz agreed that Romney came off looking weak and contradictory in the debate.

“This was the worst performance of any Republican candidate on foreign policy that I can remember,” he said, adding that it was also an “affirmation that President Obama is doing a great job on foreign policy.”

Chris Hayes said he was also “struck by the record number of agreements” from Romney. Over at CNN, former Obama green jobs adviser Van Jones perhaps put it best: ”If this debate had gone on for 30 more minutes, Romney would have endorsed Obama.”

Rachel Maddow: Romney a 'soulless shape-shifter' on foreign policy