Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets guests after speaking at a campaign rally at Burlington Memorial Auditorium on Oct. 21, 2015 in Burlington, Iowa.
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Quiz: Which GOP candidate proposed this economic plan?


On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidates will take the stage at the University of Colorado Boulder for the third GOP debate. This debate, airing on CNBC, is titled “Your Money, Your Vote” and will focus on getting candidates to answer questions regarding the economy, jobs and taxes. 

Not all of these 2016 candidates have come forward with official economic plans, but some have been vocal about what policy changes they would like to make as the future president of the United States. Can you match the candidate to their proposed economic plan? Take this quiz and find out!

This candidate also said that setting the minimum wage should be a state decision because of different costs of living.

In addition to this proposition, this candidate has vowed to end the carried interest loophole, which benefits hedge fund investors. 

Many people have questioned the candidate’s plan to repeal net neutrality, since it prevents Internet providers from playing favorites to certain websites.

The Senator trying to shut down the IRS compared Commissioner John Koskinen to Richard Nixon. 

In this candidate’s economic plan published on the Wall Street Journal, he asks “Why has the income of middle-class Americans failed to grow for 15 years?”

This candidate has been attacked by economists for having big goals with few definitive plans.

This candidate also plans to scale back the money granted to the Department of Transportation and Department of Education and give it back to the states in the form of grants.


Quiz: Which GOP candidate proposed this economic plan?