A banner for "The Interview"is posted outside Arclight Cinemas, Dec. 17, 2014, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. A U.S. official says North...
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Quiz: Sony pulls ‘The Interview’

Sony Pictures decided to pull its upcoming comedy “The Interview” from distribution Wednesday amid security concerns and news that the five largest movie theater chains in the U.S. had decided to hold off on screening the film. Following Sony’s decision Wednesday, it was revealed that U.S. officials believe North Korea was behind the massive Nov. 24 hacking attack on Sony Entertainment, according to NBC News’ Pete Williams.

The White House has not announced what the United States’ response to the cyber security threat will be. In a press conference Thursday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “The president and the administration stand squarely on the side of artists and other private citizens who seek to freely express their views.” 

Celebrities, politicians, and journalists alike took to Twitter to express their opinions on the matter. Have you kept up?

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Quiz: Sony pulls 'The Interview'