A Secret Service agent watches as U.S. President Barack Obama boards the Marine One helicopter, Aug. 26, 2014.
Photo by Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

How much do you know about Secret Service?


From revelations about security lapses that put President Obama in danger, to a tense congressional hearing, to the resignation of the agency’s director, the Secret Service has had a rough week. The agency saw a string of embarrassing reports published over the week – but were you paying attention? 

In addition to protecting the president, the Secret Service also aims to safeguard the nation’s financial infrastructure. 

White House security is being heightened in the wake of this breach.

The Secret Service initially claimed Gonzalez was stopped at the main White House entrance.

Joseph Clancy, a retired special agent, will return to the agency as interim acting director.

This week another Secret Service security lapse was revealed:

Sasha Obama was reportedly inside the White House at the time of the shooting.

The couple even managed to get a picture taken with President Obama.

Fortunately, the Clintons were not home at the time of the incident.