Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin waves as she departs the stage after remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 8, 2014.
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Putin calls Palin in ‘Tonight Show’ sketch


From calling Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget a “joke” to cracking jokes of her own, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin showed off her comedy chops this week with an appearance on the “Tonight Show” Wednesday.

Shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Barack Obama over the weekend to discuss the situation in Ukraine, he called Sarah Palin to discuss her prediction of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – or so the fictional “Tonight Show” setup goes. 

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Putin, Palin chat about vodka

In a Tonight Show sketch, Sarah Palin and ‘Vladimir Putin’ traded barbs.

With Fallon donning a wig to play Putin, the two engage in a back-and-forth routine full of jokes about bear wrestling, mama grizzlies, Obama’s “mom jeans,” and even a duet of the Pharrell song “Happy” with Putin on Russian balalaika and flute. 

At the end, Putin quips he’d enjoy a new bottle of vodka. “Well, actually, Alaska’s not that far from Russia” Palin replies, before hopping across the Bering Sea to swing by with a bottle.

Watch below.

Palin did not stick around for an interview with Fallon, although her appearance is the second time a political figure has joined in a “Tonight Show” sketch since Jimmy Fallon took over for Jay Leno this year. First lady Michelle Obama joined Fallon and comedian Will Ferrell in February in a sketch promoting her Let’s Move health campaign. 

Palin is no stranger to comedy herself, having joined “Saturday Night Live” in 2008 when she joined John McCain on the Republican ticket, prompting the “Palin rap.”

Sarah Palin

Putin calls Palin in 'Tonight Show' sketch