President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Alan Gross, who was en route to the United States from Cuba, in the Oval Office in this Dec. 17, 2014 White House handout photo. 
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President Obama gives moms call for Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers, a Hallmark card, and… a call from the president?

Three moms who had written President Barack Obama letters got an additional Mother’s Day gift this year when he called them to thank them for the hard work they do day in and day out.

“You’re doing the most important work there is,” Obama told one mom over the phone, according to a video released by the White House.

He had some trouble convincing another mother that it was, in fact, the commander-in-chief on the line. “No way,” the mom said. “Way,” the president responded. “No it’s me. Ok, give me a test. What kind of test? Ask me about anything,” he said to the stunned mom.

One mother told the president that it was “amazing” that he had taken the time to call. “It’s kind of cool,” Obama admitted.

One of the mothers, Stephanie Tarr, from Minnesota, had written the president with her two sons on President’s Day to thank him for his leadership, according to the Star Tribune. She didn’t expect for the gratitude to be returned on the day dedicated to her. She was initially told to be available to receive a call from the White House. It wasn’t a lie.

“The whole conversation and everything around it has been surreal,” Tarr said.

“I know how tough it is to raise kids and do right by them, and if hadn’t been for my mother I certainly wouldn’t be here,” Obama said in the video.

Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, died of ovarian cancer in 1995. Michelle Obama tweeted a picture of her and her mother Sunday, saying she is thankful for “love and support.”

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Barack Obama and Mother's Day

President Obama gives moms call for Mother's Day