Signs left behind by delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Aug. 31, 2012.
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Poll: Americans disapprove of Republican Party

A new Washington Post-ABC poll found that 72% of Americans “strongly” disapprove of the Republican party — yet the GOP could still take control of the Senate after the upcoming midterm elections. Those seemingly disparate results likely come from a mixture of voter apathy toward Republicans winning the Senate and a 54% disapproval rating of Barack Obama’s “handling his job.”

The same poll also found that only 25% of Americans think it would be a “bad thing” if Republicans were to gain control of the Senate on Nov. 4. On the other hand, 32% feel a Senate Republican majority would be “good thing,” but 40% believe it makes “no difference” if Democrats lose control of the Senate to Republicans. 

Boehner: White House, Senate ruin everything

Last week, Republican House Speaker John Boehner wrote an op-ed for TIME in which he argues that President Barack Obama and Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid are to blame for the struggling economy and inaction on House bills. While political leaders continue to point fingers at each another, both parties are failing to instill faith in Americans for a more productive congressional term — 77% disapprove of Congress.

With less than two months before the midterm elections, the hope is that these overwhelming disapproval ratings will lead to increased turnout from voters around the country.

Congress, Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans

Poll: Americans disapprove of Republican Party