Patrick Fizgerald: The Right Thing


Former colleagues routinely describe Pat Fitzgerald as the finest federal prosecutor they have ever known. Humble, honest, and brilliant, Pat served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Manhattan for more than a decade, before becoming the United States Attorney – the chief federal prosecutor – in Chicago.

On The Oath, Pat discusses the fascinating cutting edge work of FBI agents and prosecutors in New York on pre 9/11 terrorism cases, including the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings, and the first Al Qaeda operative to turn on that organization and to cooperate with law enforcement. Pat also shares riveting stories of New York Mafia prosecutions and reflects on the violent crime and gang issues that continue to afflict Chicago. Pat’s connections to the victims of the embassy bombing in Kenya continue to this day, through his work on the School of Hope Foundation. To get involved or make a donation visit and email us at

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