Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, speaks at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference on March 16, 2013 in National Harbor, Md.
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Palin cancels Trump event after husband in snow machine crash


Sarah Palin canceled a campaign stop for Donald Trump in Florida on Monday after her husband Todd was injured in a snowmobile crash in Alaska.

A source told NBC News that Todd Palin was in “a very serious” crash Sunday night and is currently hospitalized in intensive care.

In a brief unplanned appearance before Trump’s afternoon event in Tampa, Palin referenced the “little wreck” and thanked audience members for their prayers.

The former Alaska governor stopped by the Trump town hall in Tampa but canceled her other planned appearances with the GOP front-runner, whom she endorsed earlier this year. She has been in contact with medical personnel and will be traveling back to Alaska today, the source said.

Palin was scheduled to appear on Trump’s behalf at noon ET in The Villages, Florida. Just minutes before its scheduled start time, the Trump campaign advised that the event had been canceled.

“Governor Palin wishes her best to Mr. Trump in the upcoming primaries,” that earlier brief statement from the Trump campaign read.

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz also tweeted good wishes to the Palin family.

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Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

Palin cancels Trump event after husband in snow machine crash