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Martin O’Malley event draws one voter and he’s still uncommitted


In perhaps a sign of the state of Martin O’Malley’s long-shot campaign for the Democratic 2016 presidential nomination, just one person showed up at one of his scheduled campaign appearances in Iowa on Monday.

In the former Maryland governor’s defense, a brutal winter snowstorm derailed candidates of both parties and voters from showing up at several events on Monday, but O’Malley said during a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” “We decided to plow through, quite literally sometimes.”

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“The very last event of the night we actually had a whopping total of one person show up,” O’Malley added with a self-deprecating laugh. “But by God he was glad to see me.”

According to the O’Malley campaign, the voter, named Kenneth, told the governor that he believed he had the “strongest resume” of the candidates running and expressed reservations about the other two Democratic contenders, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I give you a lot of credit for coming out here,” Kenneth reportedly told O’Malley, “I’m glad you took the time.”

O’Malley says he is still “working” on Kenneth, who remains uncommitted to a choice in the upcoming Iowa caucus. “People wait here until the last couple weeks. They want to see the whole campaign play out,” said the Democratic candidate. He went on to criticize the DNC for limiting the number of Democratic debates this election season, which he argued was an attempt to secure the nomination for Clinton, the current front-runner.

O’Malley has barely cracked 4% in Democratic primary polls, and even ranked a distant fourth in his home state when Vice President Joe Biden was factored in as a potential candidate. The perpetually optimistic former governor said he believes voters are still making up their minds. 

“The people are going to decide and I’m going to go out and I’m gonna campaign in Iowa. I’m gonna make my case to the people of New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada,” he said Tuesday. “I believe that people understand that just as their economy is rigged, so to sometimes can be their politics.”

“I’m excited about these next 35 days,” he added.