The Rachel Maddow Show, 5/21/13, 12:55 AM ET

How to help OK tornado victims

Rachel Maddow lists ways for viewers to help the people of Moore, Oklahoma deal with the aftermath of a deadly tornado either through the Red Cross or the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma tornado disaster: How to help


Rescue workers continue to pull debris from the wreckage in an Oklahoma City suburb, after a mile-wide tornado with winds up to 200 miles an hour flattened the town of Moore. State officials said people wishing to help should not try to come to the devastated area and shouldn’t send clothes or toys–those kinds of donations, however well-meant, can add to the confusion and create their own problems.

The officials say to please donate blood, or send  help via the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or several other organizations. Here’s how:


Text Red Cross to 90999 to send a $10 donation.



Donate online:

Donate by phone: 800-725-2769

Or send a check to: The Salvation Army Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 12600, Oklahoma City, OK 73157. Designate Oklahoma Tornado Relief on all checks.



Donate online:

Donate by phone: 800-627-4556 

LOCAL FOOD –    text FOOD to 32333    or phone 405-604-7111

Oklahoma tornado disaster: How to help