Protesters walk along a street as they block an area near the government headquarters building in Hong Kong Sept. 30, 2014.
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From protests in Hong Kong to an Ebola scare in Dallas, this week was packed with breaking news. Did you stay informed? 

A full trial on the cuts is scheduled for next year.

Hong Kong’s chief executive is calling for the protest to stop “immediately.”


He went on to say, “public service is something I am passionate about and I believe with all my heart that if you put all the policies in place … the people of this country will respond in a positive way.”


CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden made clear that no one on the patient’s flight would have been at risk because he wasn’t sick yet.

The player got a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct and a 15-yard penalty. The NFL has said he shouldn’t have been penalized.


Joseph Clancy, a retired special agent, will return to the agency as interim acting director.

The group that sent the mailers, Americans for Prosperity, has said it was an honest mistake.

Late Monday, the Supreme Court ordered that Republican-backed cuts to early voting will go into effect in Ohio for this year’s election, despite a ruling by a federal judge that they’re racially discriminatory.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have faced withering criticism lately.

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