US President Barack Obama walks to Marine One before departing from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., April 29, 2015.
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Obama presidential library to be located in Chicago


Sorry, New York — this time, the Second City is getting picked first.

Chicago will be the site of the Obama Presidential Library, NBC News confirms, ending years of speculation as to where the 44th president’s legacy would find its physical home. Although the final site has not yet been settled, it is expected to be connected to the University of Chicago.

The news is a major blow to New York City and Columbia University, where Obama earned his undergraduate degree. Columbia was considered major competition for the library, but higher costs may have been a contributing factor in the president’s pick.

Hawaii, where Obama was born in 1961, was also considered to be in the running. But it will be Obama’s adopted home of Chicago, where he first launched his stratospheric political career, that will ultimately house the records, papers and historical artifacts by which he will be remembered.

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Chicago’s bid to build Obama library in flux

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Obama presidential library to be located in Chicago