Obama campaign: ‘We got beat’


Jim Messina, campaign manager for President Obama’s re-election campaign admitted defeat in an email to supporters Thursday night, following the news that the Romney-RNC campaign bested the Obama-DNC May fundraising take by nearly $17 million.

“We got beat,” read the subject line.

“For the first time in this campaign, we got beat in fundraising,” the message read. “We knew this moment would come when Romney secured the nomination. What happens next is up to you.”

And then came the pitch:

“Help close the gap right now - make a donation of $3 or more,” the campaign requested, continuing its strategy to beat GOP competitor Mitt Romney in small-dollar donors. It noted that the Obama campaign’s average donation in May was $55.

More on that last point from Messina.

We know that only 15 percent of Romney’s May totals came from people giving less than $250, compared to 98 percent in that category for us.

We don’t have the special-interest and high-dollar donor advantage that Romney has. Barack Obama has you, and we are bound and determined to fight back on behalf of a country where everyone gets a fair shot and a fair shake.

From the beginning we’ve built this campaign together, from the bottom up. More people giving a little bit is the only way to compete with a few people giving a lot.

Barack Obama

Obama campaign: 'We got beat'