NYT’s Kristof on Romney’s foreign policy cred: ‘Everything he touches, he manages to break’


The Mitt Romney campaign says it is rolling out a new campaign strategy that will put more emphasis on policy and showcasing the candidate’s credentials beyond the economy and into areas like foreign policy.

While more specifics on his policies are something both the left and the right have asked for from the Republican presidential nominee, it’s not clear what kind of headway Romney can make in the month and half before election day (less for early voting), especially on topics like foreign policy where he has repeatedly blundered. 

As Nicholas D. Kristof said on Jansing & Co. Monday: “Everything he touches on foreign policy, he manages to break.”

The New York Times writer penned a column this past weekend entitled “The Foreign Relations Fumbler,” which outlined Romney’s actions on the campaign trail that have been “blowing up his foreign policy credentials to be president.”

“The trip to the UK was maybe the best example,” Kristof elaborated on Jansing & Co. “That’s the simplest possible—that’s the 2nd grade test of diplomacy to go to Great Britain and he screwed that up…and the Israel trip likewise, and then just last week with the events in the Middle East.”

Kristof allowed that “everybody makes mistakes on the cuff,” but when Romney doubled down on last week’s condemnation of President Obama in the wake of the killings at the U.S. Consulate in Libya, the columnist said he found it “astonishing.” 

Foreign Policy and Mitt Romney

NYT's Kristof on Romney's foreign policy cred: 'Everything he touches, he manages to break'