No. 2 House Dem signs on to sabotage charge: GOP ‘prepared to sink the ship’ to beat Obama


The number two Democrat in the House has joined the growing ranks of those in his party who argue that Republicans are deliberately sabotaging the economy in order to defeat President Obama.

“There’s no intention on behalf of the Republicans in the House of Representatives to try to help the president move this country forward,” Rep. Steny Hoyer told reporters Thursday morning, according to TPM. “I quote Jesse Jackson, who I thought said it best, there are a lot people in Washington who want to drown the captain and are prepared to sink the ship in order to do so.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Rep. George Miller—a close ally of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi—among others have made a similar case recently, the latter on msnbc’s PoliticsNation. Demcorats point to Republicans’ refusal to approve relatively uncontroversial measures like the Transportation Bill, as well as their threat to once again refuse to raise the nation’s debt limit.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama

No. 2 House Dem signs on to sabotage charge: GOP 'prepared to sink the ship' to beat Obama