Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands on stage with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie at the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory on May 19, 2016 in Lawrenceville, N.J.
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At NJ fundraiser, Trump blames terror for EgyptAir, ribs Chris Christie over Oreos


LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Donald Trump is fully convinced that the missing EgyptAir plane that was downed last night was “blown out of the sky” — and he says “you’re 100 percent wrong” if you don’t.

And though he didn’t use the word “terrorism” at the rally-fundraiser for pal New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Trump comments bolstered his earlier tweet stating that it looks like “yet another terrorist attack.”

But he also didn’t waste a chance to dig at Hillary Clinton. Punching back against her comments calling him unqualified to be president, Trump hit her for “bad judgement.”

Noting today’s “terrible tragedy” overseas, Trump also lashed out at Clinton for not using the words “radical Islamic terror.”

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The GOP’s presumptive nominee also brought his usual jobs-and-“smart trade” message to the Lawrenceville National Guard Armory. It was a fundraiser “rally” allegedly to pay off Gov. Christie’s presidential campaign debt.

Trump at the start of the $200 per-person event said that “Chris paid off his entire campaign debt tonight!”

The good news was followed by a ribbing that the standing-only crowd wasn’t even given a table or chairs.

“That’s terrible,” Trump laughed, looking off stage at the man and his family who introduced him as a “friend” just moments earlier.

It wasn’t the only joke at Christie’s expense Thursday night.

“I’m not eating Oreos anymore,” Trump said reiterating his well-worn promise to no longer eat the cookies because of parent company Nabisco’s decision to move a plant to Mexico.

“But neither is Chris. You are not eating Oreos anymore. No more Oreos — for either of us.” The crowd laughed, and Trump soothed: “Don’t feel bad.”

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Chris Christie, Donald Trump, EgyptAir and New Jersey

At NJ fundraiser, Trump blames terror for EgyptAir, ribs Chris Christie over Oreos