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Here at the top stories under discussion in The Reid Report newsroom, right now:

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Is Resigning - “Health Secrerary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning after a five-year term that will no doubt be remembered for the calamitous implementation of President Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act.” [NPR]

California Bus Crash Leaves Multiple People Dead - “A FedEx tractor-trailer crossed over a grassy median on a Northern California freeway and slammed into a bus carrying more than 40 high school students in an explosive crash that left 10 people dead, authorities said.” [AP via The Huffington Post]

Unions: Detroit bankruptcy plan puts art above people - “Leaders of Detroit’s public safety unions signaled Thursday that they will not accept the pension cuts the emergency manager has proposed. But they left the door open for negotiations.” [USA Today]

Justice Department accuses Albuquerque police of ‘unjustified force’ - “The report cites incidents dating back to 2010, 37 people shot by police, 23 of them fatally. The most recent occurred just last month and was caught on videotape: the fatal shooting of James Boyd, a 38-year-old homeless man with a history of mental illness.” [PBS News Hour]

Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Las Vegas speech - “A woman was taken into federal custody Thursday after throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton as the former secretary of state began a Las Vegas convention keynote speech.” [AP via The Guardian]

POPE ASKS PARDON FOR SEX ABUSE BY PRIESTS - “Pope Francis asked for forgiveness Friday from people who were sexually abused by priests, and vowed that there will be no going back in the church’s fight to protect children.” [AP]

Bobby Jindal calls on Vance McAllister to resign - “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday (April 10) called on U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, to resign. The statement came only hours after the state GOP issued a similar request.” [The Times-Picayune]



News of the Day