Georgia Ferrell, right, mother of Jonathan Ferrell, arrives for a news conference with her son William Ferrell, left, on the first day of the trial of former Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Randall Kerrick, in Charlotte, N.C. on Jul. 20, 2015. 
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Newly released dashcam video shows police shooting of Jonathan Ferrell


Police car dashcam video released in court Wednesday shows the police shooting of former Florida A&M University football player Jonathan Ferrell.

The video from Officer Adam Neal’s cruiser shows two patrol cars approaching an already parked third unit. Ferrell is seen walking towards the cars, approaching the officers before running between and past the cars, and the view of the dashcam.

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“Get on the ground” is yelled several times before multiple gun shots erupt, followed by an officer saying, “shots fired, shots fired!” and another yelling, “don’t move, don’t move!”

Before those fateful moments, Ferrell had been in a car accident and staggered to a nearby house for help — but a woman inside called 911 to report an attempted break-in.

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Randall Kerrick trial set to begin

Charles Monnett, attorney to the family of Jonathan Ferrell, a man shot and killed by police after a car accident, says that Officer Randall Kerrick’s attorneys are likely to argue self-defense.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Randal Kerrick responded to the call and wound up shooting Ferrell 10 times.

Kerrick went on trial Monday on charges of voluntary manslaughter in the September 2013 killing.

Defense Attorney Michael Greene said Monday that Kerrick was attacked by Ferrell and that Kerrick fired 12 shots because he feared for his life.

Greene said Kerrick had no information except that a homeowner in the suburban Charlotte neighborhood had called 911 about a black man trying to break down her door.

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Gun Violence and Police Brutality

Newly released dashcam video shows police shooting of Jonathan Ferrell