Oregon Democratic Secretary of State Kate Brown celebrates at the podium after winning her race at Democratic headquarters in Portland, Ore., on Nov. 6, 2012.
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Oregon set to be led by country’s first openly bisexual governor


With the resignation of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber Friday afternoon, Oregon is set to be led by the country’s first openly bisexual governor in Secretary of State Kate Brown.

Brown, who has been preparing to take over for Kitzhaber as calls mounted for his resignation following corruption allegations, was also the country’s first bisexual statewide officeholder. She previous served for almost two decades in Oregon’s House and Senate

The only other LGBT governor in U.S history was former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey, who was pressured to come out of the closet and resign his governorship in 2004 following sexual harassment allegations.

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Rep. Mike Michaud would have been the first openly gay person elected governor had his race for the top job in Maine last year succeeded.

Oregon does not have a lieutenant governor, so Brown is first in the line of succession.

Kitzhaber resigned as controversy swirled around his fiance allegedly using her relationship with the governor to help clients.

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Oregon Governor Kitzhaber to resign

NBC News has confirmed that Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber will resign amid a growing ethics scandal.

John Kitzhaber, Kate Brown and Oregon

Oregon set to be led by country’s first openly bisexual governor