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MSNBC’s most viewed in 2012: Rev. Graham says Obama seen as ‘son of Islam’


Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of the evangelist Billy Graham, told Morning Joe’s panel that he couldn’t say whether or not President Obama is a Christian.

“I think you have to ask President Obama,” Reverend Franklin Graham said on February 21, 2012.

Rev. Graham insisted that though the president goes to church on Sundays, he can only take Obama “at his word,” and does not know if Obama is a Christian in his heart.

“The Muslim world sees Barack Obama as a son of Islam,” because Obama’s father was Muslim, Graham added.

The reverend did, however, identify then-Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum as a Christian, saying that Santorm’s moral and Christian values are “so clear.”  When asked about Mitt Romney, Reverend Graham said that most Protestants do not view Mormonism as a Christian faith.

Graham later apologized for questioning the president’s faith.

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MSNBC's most viewed in 2012: Rev. Graham says Obama seen as 'son of Islam'