"Everyday Racism in America" Town Hall Event

MSNBC presents town hall event, “Everyday Racism in America”


MSNBC will present a race-centered town hall event, “Everyday Racism in America,” moderated by MSNBC hosts Chris Hayes and Joy Reid on Tuesday, May 29 at 9 PM ET in Philadelphia at the Prince Theater. The hour-long discussion will explore the current state of race relations in America through the prism of several recent events, including the arrest of two African-American men at a Philadelphia Starbucks.

That specific April 12th incident once again catapulted the national discussion about racism into the headlines. MSNBC hosts Chris Hayes and Joy Reid will use the hour to facilitate an open dialogue about the state of racial bias in society and what can be done to effect change. 

Viewers are encouraged to send their stories about their experiences with racism via a selfie video or note to racisminamerica@nbcuni.com. These submissions may be incorporated into the town hall or showcased on MSNBC.com. 

Tune-in on Tuesday, May 29th at 9 PM ET only on MSNBC.