msnbc family shares why they are voting on Nov. 4

  • “Voting is important because it’s my chance to shape the system.” -Touré, co-host of The Cycle. 
  • “Why vote? Because the alternative is letting people who don’t know or care about you decide your community’s and your country’s priorities.” -Joy Reid, host of The Reid Report
  • “I’m voting because my vote is my voice, it makes a very real difference. To vote is to participate in our future. Mi voto es mi voz.” -José Díaz-Balart, host of José Díaz-Balart 
  • “I’m voting this year because the only way to change the future is to participate today.” -Abby Huntsman, co-host of the The Cycle. 
  • “Voting is important because it gives voice to your opinion and makes it count as much as anyone else.” -Alex Witt host of Weekends with Alex Witt. 
  • “Voting is important because I like being included and valued!” -Thomas Roberts, host of Way Too Early. 
  • “I’m voting this year because if everyone voted it would change EVERYTHING.” -Krystal Ball, co-host of The Cycle
  • “Voting is important because we’re not in charge of our future if we don’t vote!” -Ari Melber, co-host of The Cycle. 
  • “Voting is important because it is our duty to help shape our nation’s future.” Betty Nguyen, host of First Look 
  • “I’m voting this year because my great grandmother couldn’t.” -Bridgett Todd, social media editor
  • “I’m voting this year because … if you’re not using it your losing it. Don’t lose your vote!” -David Ochoa, web developer
  • “I’m voting because the suffragettes fought long and hard for women to have the right to vote, and we should never take that right for granted.” -Nisha Chittal, social media and community manager 
  • “Support your democracy by casting your vote.” -Andrew Dallos, senior producer 
  • “I’m voting this year because … it’s a critical time for women’s reproductive rights.” Alexandra Vitali, digital producer
  • “Voting is important because it is crucial to exercise your RIGHTS as a U.S citizen while having a VOICE in a country we all live, work, and evolve in.” -Armon Kelly, social media strategist
  • “I’m voting this year because apathy does not lead to change.” -Traci Oshiro, video producer
  • “I am voting this year because I believe everyone should be able to access healthy and organic food. Corporations that monopolize agriculture, displace local farms and infiltrate our foods with harmful byproducts should be penalized, not supported by government.” -Melissa Hostetter, marketing coordinator 
  • “Voting embodies the true meaning of being American — taking a stand for your rights.” -Michele Richinick, reporter



The Florida gubernatorial race is in a dead heat, Texas early vote numbers are surging through the roof, and control for the Senate is still considered a toss up. There are several races across the country that have been exciting to watch and several remain too close to call. But more than anything, Nov. 4 is about turning out for the candidate who best addresses voter concerns. 

In that vein, msnbc staff and talent shared the issues that matter the most to them in this election cycle and why showing up to the voting booth is more important than ever before. Even President Obama, who voted early in Illinois, expressed an urgency for Democrats to turn out to help the party succeed in an exclusive interview with Rev. Al Sharpton.

“The truth is that in most of these states and most of these congressional districts, if we have high turnout, we win, and when we have low turnout, we lose,” he said. “It’s as simple as that.” 

Scroll through the photos and get motivated to turnout on Nov. 4

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