More Koch ads hit Dems on Obamacare


“Obamacare doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work,” declares a woman standing in front of a stark-white background in a new ad targeting Democrats over Obamacare. 

“People don’t like political ads. I don’t like them, either,” she says. “But health care isn’t about politics. It’s about people. It’s not about a website that doesn’t work. It’s not about poll numbers or approval ratings, it’s about people.”

“It’s what they’re calling an anti-political ads,” Politico’s Mike Allen said on Tuesday’s Morning Joe.

But of course the ads are quite political—they’re part of a massive, 18.5 million ad buy over five months, funded by the Koch brothers through Americans for Prosperity.

They aim to make a handful of red-state Democrats’ 2014 reelection campaigns a lot harder.

New ads will launch Wednesday against Sens. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana and Kay Hagan in North Carolina, who were targets of an earlier round of Koch-funded Obamacare ads; this round will also include ads attacking Alaska’s Sen. Mark Begich, too.

The three senators voted for Obamacare in 2010 and are all up for reelection next year—they’ve all already signed onto legislative efforts to fix parts of Obamacare in hopes of getting ahead of the issue before their reelection battles heat up.

Ads will also launch Wednesday against three vulnerable Democratic representatives: Patrick Murphy in Florida, Joe Garcia in Florida, and Ron Barber in Arizona, according to the New York Times.

The ad that will target Begich in Alaska goes a more traditional route, depicting a woman standing in a kitchen, clutching a cup of coffee and confessing her qualms with a senator.

Affordable Care Act, Koch Brothers and Obamacare

More Koch ads hit Dems on Obamacare