A voter gestures as Senate Minority Leader U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) votes in the midterm elections at Bellarmine University on Nov. 4, 2014 in Louisville, Ky.
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty

Mitch McConnell’s vote photobombed by unhappy constituent


As Senate Minority Leader and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell cast his ballot in his own tight Senate race against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes Tuesday morning, a voter behind him gives a thumbs down.

We’ve got a hunch the anonymous voter is with Grimes.

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But it’s going to take more than that to bring McConnell’s mood down. Recent polls show the Republican leading Grimes in the final days of the campaign. If he and his party do well tonight, McConnell may also get another promotion: Senate Majority Leader.

The Grimes campaign seized on the opportune photo gaffe, tweeting “Hey Kentucky: you have 5 hours left to vote! Make sure you know where you polling place is vr.sos.ky.gov/vic/

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In her final campaign stop Monday night, the Democrat – who could become Kentucky’s first female Senator – said the state was “less than 24 hours away from sending our first female to Washington, D.C” and that Tuesday night would become ”the biggest retirement party Mitch McConnell has ever seen.”