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Miss America contestant: GOP should be ‘terrified’ of Trump success


Miss America contestants are not usually known for their lucid political analysis – but Meg McGuffin, who represented Alabama in this year’s pageant, may prove the exception to the rule.

During the Miss America competition on Sunday, McGuffin was asked about real estate mogul Donald Trump’s front-running status in the GOP presidential primary polls, and she said the party should “absolutely be terrified” of his success.

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“I think Donald Trump is an entertainer. And I think he says what’s on a lot of people’s minds but I think that the Republican Party should be absolutely terrified of all the attention that he is taking from incredible candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, who could absolutely do the job of President of the United States. And if I were a Republican, I would absolutely be terrified of that,” she told the judges.

McGuffin came in fourth place when all the votes were tallied. Despite flubbing a question on Tom Brady and Deflate-gate, Miss Georgia, a.k.a. Betty Cantrell, emerged triumphant in the end.

Trump is active in the pageant business and this Friday he took full ownership of the Miss Universe/Miss USA franchise, after a very public spat with NBCUniversal and Univision. Surprisingly, he has yet to respond to McGuffin’s criticism. But give him time.