Demonstrators protest outside the Ferguson, Missouri, police department during the National March on Ferguson, August 30, 2014.
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Michael Brown grand jury under review for misconduct: Report


St. Louis officials are looking into a report of misconduct by a member of the grand jury investigating the police shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, The Washington Post reported Wednesday evening.

The complaint stems from a tweet reportedly sent out Wednesday that claimed a member of the jury had told an acquaintance that there was not yet enough evidence to indict the Ferguson police officer who shot Brown on Aug. 9, Darren Wilson, who is white.

“I’d be shocked if a member of the grand jury said anything,” St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McColluch told the St. Louis Dispatch.

The St. Louis suburb was upended in the wake of Brown’s death. Protesters marched at all hours demanding justice in the case, and demonstrators were met with heavy-handed police tactics that included tear gas and rubber bullets. Members of the community have also called for the prosecutor leading an investigation into Brown’s death, Bob McColluch, to step down over claims that he wouldn’t handle the case impartially. 

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Ferguson has taken some steps to tamp down tensions over the last several weeks. On Monday, the city cancelled 222,000 arrest warrants for traffic offenses. The city council has also proposed alleviating a number of court fees and fines.

New unrest has hit Ferguson in recent days, sparked by a fire that burned down a memorial honoring Brown at the site of the shooting. A police officer was shot in Ferguson over the weekend. Authorities have said they do not believe it was connected to protests over the Brown case.

The grand jury has been hearing evidence in the Wilson case since August and must reach a decision on whether to indict by early January. 

Ferguson and Michael Brown

Michael Brown grand jury under review for misconduct: Report